ODEX90, ODEX115, ODEX140, ODEX165 under-reaming System

ODEX90, ODEX115, ODEX140, ODEX165 under-reaming System

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Hanlinksy Under-reaming Systems are the most economical solutions for casing drillings in normal ground conditions. They are widely used for water wells, geothermal wells, shallow micro-piling and mini-grouting works. We offer a wide range of models for the customers, which are suitable for 3" to 8" DTH hammers and 38mm to 51mm Tophammer threads.


► Ingenious structure, high quality, high durability and easy operation.

► Retrievable design, reliable reaming wing, stable performance and cost effectiveness.

► Suitable for all kinds of rock formations.

Operation Procedure

Step 1: When starting for drilling, open the reamer and enlarge the hole to drive the casing shoe and casing tube down.

Step 2: After finishing drilling in overburden, close the reamer by reserve rotation, then pull out the under-reaming assembly through the casing tube.

Step 3: Left the casing tube in the hole, or pulled out by means of cement grouting or other agent sealing.

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